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Separation By Design (SBD) has over 45 years of experience inventing creative solutions to challenges faced by businesses in the oil & gas industry. We are constantly designing and manufacturing new ways to improve the way oil, gas, diesel, DEF, and renewable fuels distributors manage their products. We are privately held and operated. This allows us to focus on our customers, not shareholders. Partner with us and find out why Separation By Design is the choice of small businesses and Fortune 100 companies alike.

Why Separation By Design?

When it comes to choosing a partner for your facility needs, Separation By Design is the clear choice. This confidence is built upon a corporate policy of always going the extra mile. From product design to project management to ongoing relationships, we always looking for ways to provide our customers additional value.

Innovative & Green Technologies

At Separation By Design, we believe in creating products that are good for both the environment and the bottom line. This different way of thinking is evidenced by multiple product patents. So how do we do this? Our solutions are designed to lower the risk of contamination which cuts EPA costs substantially. Our reuse/recycle philosophy allows you to reduce waste and leverage existing investments. And, with our renewable fuels blending and storage products, your business may be eligible for grants. Properly marketed, our solutions provide PR opportunities about corporate responsibility that can boost customer confidence and loyalty.

Start to Finish Project Management

We do more than sell product at Separation By Design. We sell complete systems. We offer in-house installation and service teams. Many projects have engineering, planning, gate, electrical, groundwork, and back office integration concerns. We can help you manage the entire project from start to finish. This means no finger pointing or delays due to miscommunication. With Separation By Design, you can rest easy knowing the same people who developed your system will see it through to completion.

ROI & Relationship Focus

Relationships are primary at Separation By Design. We build our business on them. We want to understand our customers’ needs. At Separation By Design, we help our customers plan for the future, not just today. We think long-term. We want to ensure your investment in our products is protected. And, we help our customers save costs any way we can, even if that means a project is delayed or canceled altogether. Simply put, we believe in doing business the right way.