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Biodiesel Retail Dispenser
For dispensing B99 and B100

For Dispensing B99 and B100. Integrates with Most Major Site Controllers & POS Systems.

Expanding your operations to dispense B99 and B100 can be a significant investment. Thanks to the SBD Biodiesel Retail Dispenser, you can now be confident you are getting the most for your money. The dispenser was engineered to the highest quality standards to ensure low total cost of ownership. The SBD Biodiesel Dispenser’s proven electronics integrate with all major site controllers and POS systems. Infused with features such as longer usable hose lengths, SBD’s dispenser offers the most value of any biodiesel dispenser in the market.

These dispensers are NTEP-approved by way of a Certificate of Conformance for Weighing and Measuring Devices. This superior distinction allows the dispenser to be used at locations where dispensers with ‘NTEP-approved components’ are not sufficient to meet regulations.

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Get the Most Value for Your Money

What makes the SBD Biodiesel Dispenser different from the competition? The answer is in the details.

  1. The unit includes 15’ of usable hose length on a spring rewind hose reel for added reach.
  2. The included meter is the most accurate volumetric meter in the world including low flow rates.
Integrate Into Your Existing Operations

Don’t spend extra money trying to make your biodiesel solution work with your current site infrastructure.

  1. SBD’s Biodiesel Retail Dispenser is designed to emulate standard protocols and work with most major site controllers and POS systems.
  2. Attach to aboveground tanks such as SBD’s biodiesel tank packages.
  3. Supply remotely via aboveground bulk tank or underground tanks.
Enjoy Low Maintenance & Low Total Cost of Ownership

Thanks to our 25+ history in the PEI industry, we understand the beating your equipment can take between day-to-day wear and tear, weather, and customer abuse. That’s why our equipment was engineered to withstand the most challenging environments.

  1. The dispenser was engineered with minimal moving parts to reduce risk of downtime.
  2. With the dispenser’s modular design, damage done to one part of the dispenser can be quickly repaired without replacing the entire unit.
  3. A vapor barrier exists to prevent electronics corrosion.
  4. To reduce the risk of weather damage, the cabinet was constructed with heavy-duty weather-resistant materials.
  5. The dispenser’s meter is the most durable in the industry, offering a 10 year limited manufacturer’s warranty.
Standards & Approvals:
  1. NTEP Certificate 21-078 (Weights and Measures)
Operating Temperature:
  1. -22˚F/-30˚C to 130˚F/54˚C
Dispenser Cabinet:
  1. Base: Black powder-coated galvannealed steel
  2. Top Electronics Cabinet: Black powder-coated galvannealed steel. Optional brushed stainless steel.
  3. Vertical Side: Brushed stainless steel
  4. Large Access Panel: White powder-coated galvannealed steel
  5. Nozzle Access Door: Brushed stainless steel
  6. Option: Alternate powder coating colors available
Heating & Insulation:
  1. One 600W Class 1/Div1 Heater
  2. R5 industrial-grade insulation with FRP facing
  3. Automatic thermostat
  1. Weights and Measures approved stainless steel piston positive displacement meter
  2. Flow rates of up to 20 GPM
  3. 10 year limited manufacturer’s warranty
Supply Inlets:
  1. 1 1/2” FNPT
  1. Emulates most standard dispenser protocols
  2. Integrates with most standard POS systems
  3. Backlit digital LCD sales, volume, and price displays
  4. Volume display can show gallons or litres
  5. Dispenser & pump are activated when nozzle is removed. Transaction is complete when nozzle is hung-up.
  6. Built-in pump power relay
  7. Nonvolatile memory
  8. Option: Volume only display
  9. Option: One non-resettable 7 digit electromechanical totalizer located in the bezel for inventory control
Hose & Nozzle:
  1. 18’ total hose length, 15’ usable length
  2. One spring rewind hose reel
  3. Accepts most nozzles. Specify when ordering.
  1. 10 and 30 micron options
  1. One 20 amp circuit, and one 15 amp circuit required
  1. 1 year parts and labor warranty
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