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Separation By Design’s patented Aboveground Oil/Water Separator began as way for petroleum bulk plants and terminals to safely and inexpensively dispose of rain water trapped within containment walls. Due to its success and versatility, the Oil/Water Separator’s uses grew to include material handling facilities, refineries, utilities, petro chemical plants, military installations, tank farms, and warehouses with loading docks.

This unique product can be used as part of a spill control prevention plan. Or, where spills are known to occur, it can be used as a way to save significantly on disposal costs. The Aboveground Oil/Water Separator controls the flow of water to ensure proper extraction of the contamination. It works in all weathers and elevations thanks to an optional heating unit. And because of its portability, it can be used to address multiple risk factors at the same facility. Thanks to Separation By Design, reducing your environmental impact can be more affordable.